Industry Day 2017 | Penn State University

April 24th -25th



Adversarial Network Forensics in Software Defined Networking – Stefan Achleitner, Thomas La Porta, Trent Jaeger and Patrick McDaniel

An Exposure of Android Social Media Apps and the Data ISPs Can Collect – Daniel E. Krych, Meghan Riegel, Charles Sestito and Patrick McDaniel

Automatic Side Channel Detection and Prevention – Robert Brotzman-Smith, Gang Tan and Danfeng Zhang

D1, D3: Leveraging Asymmetric Data for Detecting Cyber Attacks – Dr. Ritu Chadha

D1: Malware Traffic Detection using Tamper Resistant Features – Dr. Patrick McDaniel

Demo: On-demand Information Retrieval from Videos Using Deep Learning in Wireless Networks – Z. Lu, N. Felemban, K. Chan and T. La Porta

Detecting Android Malware Development on Public Malware Scanning Platforms: A Large-scale Data-driven Study – Heqing Huang, Sencun Zhu, et al.

Efficient inter-module CFG construction using code pointer restrictions – Nirupama Talele, Frank Capobianco, Xinyang Ge, Gang Tan, and Trent Jaeger

Image Misclassification Detection via Embedded Semantics – Ryan Sheatsley, Nicolas Papernot and Dr. Patrick McDaniel

Is Interaction Necessary for Distributed Private Learning? – Adam Smith, Abhradeep Thakurta, Jalaj Upadhyay and Mahdy Zolghadr

Max-Information, Differential Privacy, and Post-Selection Hypothesis Testing – Ryan Rogers, Aaron Roth, Adam Smith, and Om Thakkar

Modeling the Resource Requirements of Convolutional Neural Networks on Mobile Devices – Zongqing Lu, Swati Rallapalli, Kevin Chan, and Thomas La Porta

Network Recovery from Massive Failures under Uncertain Knowledge of Damages – D. Z. Tootaghaj, H. Khamfroush, N. Bartolini, S. Ciavarella, S. Hayes and T. La Porta

On Limitations of Access Control Models for Privacy-Sensitive Sensors – Giuseppe Petracca, Yuqiong Sun, and Trent Jaeger

Optimal Cyber-Defense Strategies for Advanced Persistent Threats – Jeffrey Acquaviva, Mark Mahon, Bruce Einfalt and Tom LaPorta

Pileus: Protecting User Resources from Vulnerable Cloud Services – Trent Jaeger

Privacy Disclosure Through Smart Meters: Reactive Power Based Attack and Defense  – Jingyao Fan, Qinghua Li and Guohong Cao

PtrSplit: Supporting general pointers in automatic program partitioning – Shen Liu, Gang Tan and Trent Jaeger

Reputation-Escalation-as-a-Service: Analyses and Defenses – Sencun Zhu

Techniques to Identify Bugs in Authorization – Frank Capobianco, Giuseppe Petracca, Nirupama Talele, Christian Skalka, Gang Tan, and Trent Jaeger

Towards a Flow- and Path-Sensitive Information Flow Analysis – Peixuan Li and Danfeng Zhang

VideoMec: A Metadata-Enhanced Crowdsourcing System for Mobile Videos – Yibo Wu and Guohong Cao

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